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Commercial art:

My lifelong desire to work in the Arts has generated a strong creative force. My first drawings were of favorite cartoon characters and comic book hero's. Charles M. Schulz, Walt Disney, Chuck Jones, Johnny Hart, Russell Myers and Stan Lee were all ideal hero's in my world. Mort Drucker and Jack Davis, of Mad Magazine, inspired a more caricatured drawing.

After attending the American Academy of Art, in Chicago, I worked for a variety of different art related businesses and six years later, I made the change to freelance artist and illustrator. A few jobs started a part-time business and I pursued other art related work. Within a short period of time and persistent marketing, a client base developed and full-time work evolved.

Over thirty years of advertising illustrations, airbrush, book illustrations, cartooning, conceptual renderings, digital art, instructional drawings, line art for product ad slicks, licensed character product concepts and watercolor paintings has built a strong foundation of experience furthered by a start to finish confidence and a diligence toward deadlines.

Clients include:

CopperZap - Tucson, AZ
Eklind Tool Company - Franklin Park, IL
Elope Inc. - Colorado Springs, CO
Hasbro, Inc. - Pawtucket, RI
Marchon, Inc. - Arlington Heights, IL
Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum - Manitou Springs, CO
Revell/Monogram - Morton Grove, IL
Santa Monica Press - Santa Monica, CA
Tootsietoy - Chicago, IL
Topstone Ind. - Danbury, CT
WDRR - Fort Myers, FL

Publications that include illustrations by Bryan Duddles:

"I Think I Was A Tree Once"
by Joy Hittner

"Grandma's Bucket List"
by Joy Hittner

"USA Boxing Rulebook"

"Atomic Wedgies, Wet Willies, & Other Acts of Roguery"
by Greg Tananbaum, Dan Martin
Santa Monica Press

"The Bad Driver’s Handbook:
Hundreds of Simple Maneuvers to Frustrate, Annoy,
and Endanger Those Around You"
by Zack Arnstein and Larry Arnstein
Santa Monica Press

"The Manitou Cliff Dwellings
Edible, Medicinal and Craftmaking Guide to Natural Plants"
by Jennifer Hildebrandt

"The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool"
by Chris Strodder
(cover design)
Santa Monica Press

"Vanished Culture:
Anasazi Exodus from the Colorado Plateau"
by Paul W. Burke
(pending publication)

"Dinner with a Cannibal:
The Complete History of Mankind's Oldest Taboo"
by Carole A. Travis-Henikoff
Santa Monica Press

"The Ultimate Counterterrorist Home Companion:
Six Incapacitating Holds Involving a Spatula and Other
Ways to Protect Your Family"
by Zack Arnstein and Larry Arnstein
Santa Monica Press

Los Angeles Times Best Seller
"Secret Stairs:
A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles"
by Charles Fleming
Santa Monica Press

"Secret Stairs - East Bay:
A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Berkeley and Oakland"
by Charles Fleming
Santa Monica Press

"The Three Stooges - Hollywood Filming Locations"
by Jim Pauley
Foreword by Leonard Maltin
Santa Monica Press

"10,000 Steps A Day In L.A. - 52 Walking Adventures"
by Paul Haddad
Santa Monica Press

Fine Art:

There has always been a creative force within me. My Father is an architect and my Mother was a commercial artist, so art materials were always available for experimentation. Being a cartoon fan, my first watercolor painting was of the "Human Torch" from Marvel Comics. All art related classes from grade school through high school were a favorite part of my curriculum. I admired paintings by Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Georgia O'Keeffe, Vincent Van Gogh and Grant Wood and studied the drawings, illustrations and designs of M. C. Escher, Alphonse Mucha and Norman Rockwell.

While attending the American Academy of Art, in Chicago, my lunch breaks were spent at the Art Institute roaming the exhibits. Since then I have been a freelance designer, illustrator, painter and sculptor. Over thirty years as an artist, most of my efforts concentrated on drawing and painting.

Nature has been a constant inspiration, watercolor landscapes reflect my respect and appreciation of the woods and mountains. The scenery and change of seasons is truly a sensory overload. This pursuit of emotionally powerful imagery allows me to follow my dreams.


"America the Beautiful"
Business of Art Center, Manitou Springs, CO / 7-93

Thunderstruck Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO / 10-95

Thunderstruck Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO / 10-96 First place award

"Bryan Duddles Originals" watercolors
Fountain Creek Gallery, Manitou Springs, CO / 11-96

"Tattoo as Fine Art"
Thunderstruck Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO / 5-97

"Artful Toys"
Thunderstruck Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO / 6-97

"Art by Bryan Duddles" watercolors show
Stagecoach Inn, Manitou Springs, CO / 9-02

"Fiesta Grande Street Fair"
Tucson, AZ / 5-06

Bryan Duddles is a freelance Illustrator interested in Freelance Jobs.

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